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At the request of the Embassy of the Philippines in Russia, Russian-Asian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RAUIE) organized a meeting of the Federation of Electrical and Electronics suppliers and Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (PESA Philippines) with Russian colleagues, including the international Association "Intercable", Trade house of VNIIKP, the leadership of the Department of foreign economic relations of JSC "Roselektronika", JSC "Elektrozavod" and others. The meeting was held in the framework of the ELEKTRO 2014 Exhibition, which began its work in Moscow.

PESA was established on December 31, 1948 by leading businessmen of the industry with the objectives of promoting professionalism, business ethics and cooperation among the industry members as well as assistance by providing solutions to commonly faced challenges. Today PESA has more than 200 members, including representatives from Cebu (Philippines).

Leading manufacturers, sellers and distributors of the Philippines are members of the relevant professional Associations, which include such world-wide known brands as Fuji, Schneider, Panasonic, LG. PESA members are interested in cooperation with manufacturers of electrical equipment, lighting, cables, pumps (centrifugal, induction and so on), transformers, automation systems, as well as other components and finished products, and generally of high-tech products of high quality that meet the requirements of environmental standards and reduce the impact on the environment.

Particular interest of PESA Philippines is the cooperation with Russia, including in respect of the production of innovative and competitive equipment and technologies related to the problem of generation of replicable energy.

The main consumers of this product in the Philippine market are local manufacturing and construction companies. Currently, the market of the Philippines is mainly satureted by Chinese and American companies, in contrast to Russian companies, which puts the practical tasks of the market development by the Russians. So for PESA partner search in Russia became the main aim of attending exhibition in Moscow.

Following negotiations with PESA in the current year the management of RAUIE is going to organize a business visit of Russian entrepreneurs to the Philippines, with the aim of experience exchange in the sphere of production and application of modern electrical equipment.

It should be noted that in Manila Russian-Philippine organization (also involving PESA) already exists. It includes various groups and associations, including from Russia. They are several Russian companies, which have already been working in the Philippine market. They cooperate with each other, but the process needs the influx of new companies and new ideas that would help to intensify the Russian-Philippine cooperation and bring them to a new level.

Currently, business in the Philippines is looking up and the economy is quicksteping to new peaks, that needs the increase of the electrical capacity. The country has a mass of consumers of this kinds of product (the construction sector, water and purifying equipment and others), but practically there are nearly no any alternatives to Chinese and American manufacturers. According to Mr. Kenneth L. Go (the President of PESA Philippines), the Association takes no part in the USA economic sanctions, all of this has to do with politics, not business. In his opinion business is the most favorable environment that preserves the interaction at the international level.

Nowadays the Philippines and Russia have a relatively narrow sector of economic interaction, almost reducible only to tourism, so RAUIE as PESA is interested in development of business, trade and other business relations between the two countries.

The leadership of PESA has declared that they are ready to accept RAUIE representatives in the Philippines, as well as to help in organizing the visit of Russian delegation to exchange experience. In the Philippines, they don't know a lot about Russia, an indication of which is the fact that in this country there is not even one Russian restaurant. Therefore, the "the first thing" the members of the Philippine delegation do on arrival in Moscow is visiting the Russian restaurant and trying the most famous Russian dishes such as pelmeni, borsch, vodka and others, and they liked them. "Delicious!" - so briefly and succinctly Mr. Hero T. Yu (the first Vice-President of PESA) commented their impressions of Russian cuisine.

The head of the Philippine delegation Mr. Kenneth has noted that today's meeting has great prospects and opportunities for development of both parties. He particularly thanked the Vice-Consul of the Embassy of the Philippines in Russia Jeffrey A. Valdez for organizing the meeting and acquaintance with RAUIE. Following the meeting, PESA representatives presented a memorable gift to RAUIE, which symbolize the entrepreneurship in the Philippines (in the photo).

РАСПП развивает сотрудничество с Филиппинами в электротехнической сфере.

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